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International Links
The links to the best international sites dedicated to turtles

Turtle Specials
Caresheets, services and utilities created for you by all the Turtlelovers

Reslider's Swamp
Rich in information about turtles, it´s one of the most appreciated sites on the Net

The First Aid for the sick turtle

Space dedicated to your small ads
Veterinary lists updated
Turtle Ads on line again!
01.11.14 Turtleportal is online again
After a massive attack, the Portal has been reactived!

The new caresheet about the Turtle Acquisition
All the centres dedicated to the rescue of turtles
An entire caresheets set for tortoises in the A.A.T.M.P. section (Italian or French menu only)
The complete guide to the turtle feeding (Italian menu only)
How to choose the right neon for our turtles: a caresheet by Peppe, our turtle-inventor (Italian menu only)
An article dedicated to tortoises: hermanni, graeca and marginata.

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The most beautiful pics of your turtles

All the international laws about turtles

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