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Lo Stagno delle Reslider
Reslider's Swamp is really the house of all the Red Eared Sliders and not only...
Inside, you can find all you need for the best breeding of your turtles: feeding, reproduction, habitat, cure of the diseases but, above all, you can contact via e-mail some expert breeders for every problem or doubt. ()
Web site in honour of Camilla: caresheets and beautiful pictures!
Il mondo di Viviana
Nice site about turtles.
It contains useful information about their anatomy, feeding and care.
La casa della testudo hermanni
la casa della testudo hermanni
In spite of its name, this is a site dedicated not only to the testudo hermanni but to all the turtles and turtlelovers. 
A useful mailing list permits advice and experiences exchange about turtles. ()
Testudo hermanni site
Testudo hermanni site
This is a site dedicated to the common tortoise or Italian land turtle (Testudo hermanni). 
It also contains a section with information about the order of the Testudos or Chelonians. ()
Carapax European Center
"CARAPAX", European center for Chelonian conservation (set up in 1989 with european funds) is the only center in Europe where turtles and tortoises are protected, studied, breeded and reintroduced in nature. ()
Testudo marginata
Information, characteristics, curiosity and many photographies about the Testudo marginata. Moreover, you will find all the information needed to become a perfect breeder of all age marginatas! ()
This site deals, in technical and scientific way, with any argument about the Biology of turtles, the medical cures, surgical operations, taxonomy, anatomy... 
There is also a Forum, a Mailing List and a Chat dedicated to all the fans in this field. ()
The aim of the new Mailing List "Tartarughine" is to create an international community for all the turtlelovers, either they have turtles/tortoises/terrapins, or they don't have them at all but they adore these animals.

And now, our Chat and our Forum too!!! ()

Nino Bixio
Web site by ITN "Nino Bixio", Piano di Sorrento (Napoli). It's part of the "Euro Turtle" project, first in Europe exclusively devoted to the conservation and biology of Mediterranean sea turtles. ()
Photos, distribution maps and files about all the Italian reptiles, iguanas and pogonas breeding cards, vivarium construction sheet and resources concerned herp care. ()
Breeding, photos and links about all the land and aquatic turtles. ()
This site is devoted to Rubik. Here you can find useful advice on how to breed these cool creatures. ()
Il Terracquario
IL TERRACQUARIO: a simple consultation site for clearing doubts about the swampy turtles breeding. 
Its goal? It's to let people, entering in a pet shop of animals, prepared and well known about complications that the purchase of a turtle can involve. ()
Tre tartarughe molto speciali più una!
Four turtles (Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo + Marta) and all you have to know to breed them: vivarium, feeding, sexuality... ()
Web site dedicated to two rare species of turtles: the Tryonix sinensis and the Kinosternon subrubrum. ()
Complete site dedicated to all the reptiles: full of information, it supplies useful services. ()
Site exclusively dedicated to the exotic animals: feeding, maintenance, general care, pathologies and other information available. ()
edi flip
If you want to see a hatchling birth... ()
News and curiosities about turtles and tortoises, also from the scientific point of view... And then, tales, myths, legends about turtles, pics, links...
In a few words: visit it! ()
Tartarughe Italiane
ed esotiche
Excellent guide to the breeding of tortoises and terrapins. ()
DISABLED for non-ethical or abusive activity!
Information about the turtle world. You can find on-line help, photos, gif and other... ()
Tartarughe Palustri
Nice site about swampy turtles (nelsoni, reevesii, kohnii,...) full of information and pics. ()
Site dedicated to (aquatic-land) turtles with general information and many many photos. ()
Site dedicated to the Emys orbicularis, the european swampy tortoise, an endangered turtle. ()
An Italian site dedicated to sea turtles: photos, taxonomy and other information about chelonians and their protection. ()
It's a site about terrapin care and breeding. ()
Likeable site dedicated to fresh water turtles with many pics and information. ()
Tartarughe 100%
Site dedicated to aquatic and land turtles and their owners. ()
All you need to know about your reptile friends... and not only!!! ()
Site dedicated to my reptiles and to my passion and joy for them. ()
Lorena's Turtles
In this site you'll know Lorena and her turtles. ()
News, curiosities, photos, games and other about tortoises and turtles world. ()
Tartarughe Beach
Official site of Tarta Club Italia and of Tartarughe Beach, the annual turtles exhibition. ()
Koko & Schka
Site dedicated to Koko & Schka, with info you have to know to breed terrapins. ()
The site of the Italian News Group dedicated to the turtles: ()
Tutto Tartarughe
New Mailing List dedicated to the tortoises. ()
New portal dedicated to all the animals from who loves animals indeed!!! ()
ReptiWorld is a site for the promotion of knowledge and breeding of reptiles: here you can find information about boas, pythons, pogonas, chameleons, iguanas, turtles... ()
Site full of information dedicated to snakes and all the reptiles. ()
Do you have a pet? Would you like to see its pictures on line? Do you love animals? Well, this is the site for you! ()
The new site dedicated to all the animals and their owners. ()
Amici di casa
Amici di casa - The community of whom loves animals. ()
DISABLED for non-ethical or abusive activity!
First site entirely dedicated to the turtle collectionism: its main aims are the diffusion of this type of collection, the symbolic meaning of these objects and to put in touch other collectors. ()
Sera Italia
Official site of Sera Italy. ()
Legal portal with regional, national, community laws and international conventions about fauna and flora: latest jurisprudence and sentences.
Associazione Erpetologica Siciliana, is a nonprofit association founded in 1994 to promote the interest, respect and recovery of reptiles and amphibians. ()
Progetto Arcadia

Progetto Emys
Progetto "Emys"

Progetto Arcadia is a Center for the Documentation, the Promotion and the Management of Conservation initiatives concerning the Small Fauna: Trachemys, Tortoises...
A particular mention for "EMYS" plan, whose goal is the study and safeguard of the Emys orbicularis, the likeable European swampy tortoise, an endangered turtle. ()
Progetto Caretta
The aim of Progetto Caretta caretta (supported by "Life" Program of the European Commission) is to undertake urgent measures for the conservation of sea turtles in Sicily. ()
Fondazione Cetacea
You might ask: why whales now?!
The priority objectives of Cetacea Foundation are the protection and the conservation of the Mediterranean Cetacea and Turtles as well as the public opinion sensitization about the environment safeguard. ()
Mondo Delfino
Site dedicated to all loving Sea and its beautiful creatures.. the Cetaceans. With many photos and information. ()
CHELON Marine Turtle Conservation and Research Program is a research group born with the attempt to study, to increase the insufficient knowledge on sea turtles biology, to show the problems and to propose valid indispensable strategies of conservation in order to remove the danger of extinction of the seven species of marine turtles that live in the world. ()
Acquario di Genova
Official site of Genoa's Aquarium, the biggest in Europe and one of the most important worldwide, has a mission to increase public awareness of environmental problems. ()
Acquario di Milano
This is the institutional site of Milan's Civic Aquarium.
Founded in 1906, it is one of the oldest in the world. ()
Acquario di Napoli
Open to the public in 1874, it's the most ancient aquarium of the world.
Le Navi
The new site of Cattolica's Aquarium and of Parco Le Navi. ()
Official site of ENPA (National Organization for the Animal Protection).
WWF Italia
Official site of WWF Italy. ()

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