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Ecology and behavior (Red-Ear Sliders)
Information on behavior, environment and reproduction of red-eared sliders in the wild. ()
Almost amazing turtle cam
Almost Amazing Turtle Cam
This is an amazing site where you can observe Red-Eared Sliders through a net camera. There is also a page to meet the turtles and other information about web-cameras, etc. Very interesting! ()
Red Eared Slider WWWBoard
A forum where you can make questions about Red-Eared sliders. ()
ShellShell Shock!
Another great Red-Eared Slider link! Information about feeding, living with turtles and children, other pets, wild turtles, etc. ()
Turtle Tank
Visit Pinto, a Trachemys Scripta Cataspila (Huastecan slider).
At this site you will also find general caresheets for aquatic turtles.
Pay a visit to Elmer! The last Woolworth turtle! ()
Asian Box Turtles
There are a variety of different species of box turtles coming from Asia. Proper care of these animals depends on which species you have. You can identify which type you have at this website, read about its natural history, and learn how to take care of it in captivity. ()
Box Turtle
Natural history, captive care and conservation of  North American box turtles, Terrapene carolina and Terrapene ornata. Learn how to identify, house, feed, and hibernate box turtles from Tess' on-line care book. The web page also includes the most extensive list of links on the Web for box turtle web pages and caresheets. ()
Frank and Kate's Herpetological Web Page
Frank and Kate's Herpetological Web Page
This site keeps interesting records on breeding and longevity of a large variety of reptiles. You can add your reptile collection records to it!
Hatchling Haven
Hatchling Haven
Hatchling Haven is a web site dedicated to Chelonian hatchlings. It contains information on care, diet, habitat, and health. It also has a section entitled "Bits from the Bridge" which features excerpts from "The Bridge" newsletter. ()
The Turtle Puddle
Vincent (an ornate box turtle) was moping. So an outdoor enclosure with a pond was built just to cheer him up. During the summer he shares the enclosure with Sien (a female ornate) and Nicky (an old river cooter). You can see the pond and meet the turtles at this website. ()
Valerie Haecky's
Turtle Information Pages
A comprehensive collection of Turtle Care Sheets. ()
Melissa Kaplan's
Herp Care Information Collection
It's a dynamic website with over 250 articles and resources concerned the herp care. ()
Turtle Times
If its Turtles... its at Turtle Times 
The Turtle and Tortoise Web Portal of Choice! ()
The New York Turtle and Tortoise Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation, preservation of habitat, and the promotion of proper husbandry and captive propagation of turtles and tortoises. ()
The California Turtle & Tortoise Club (CTTC) is "dedicated to turtle & tortoise preservation, conservation, study and education, since 1964". ()
American Tortoise Rescue is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1994 to provide for the rescue and rehabilitation of all species of tortoise and turtle. ()
The British Chelonia Group is an animal charity dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Tortoises, Turtles and Terrapins worldwide. ()
The Desert Tortoise Council is a private, nonprofit organization, established in 1976, to promote conservation of the desert tortoise in the wild. ()
Massachusetts Turtle Rescue Inc.
Massachusetts Turtle Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that provides rescue and rehabilitation for all species of turtles and tortoises, advocating the humane treatment of these wonderful creatures. ()
The Chicago Turtle Club mission is:
EDUCATION of CTC members by opening lines of communication, sharing resources and creating a learning environment
CONSERVATION by encouraging members to be cognizant of relevant conservation issues
ENRICHMENT of the lives of turtles, tortoises and the folks that keep them. ()
San Diego
The San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society is a non-profit California Corporation comprised of individuals sharing a common interest in chelonians: its purpose is to acquaint the general public with the proper care of turtles and tortoises. ()
The Mission of the World Chelonian Trust (WCT) is to promote the conservation and assure the survival of all tortoises and freshwater turtles: only by supporting both wild populations and captive propagation we can provide the maximum options for the survival of all Chelonian species. ()
Cayman Turtle Farm
Welcome to the Cayman Turtle Farm: with the cooperation of the Cayman Islands Government, it has helped to preserve the endangered Green Sea Turtle, once named the "Buffalo of the Sea". ()
The Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research
Our Vision? Seeking innovative solutions for sea turtle conservation through research and education. ()
UCF Marine Turtle Research
It's a group of undergraduate and graduate students: the centerpiece of the group's work is the collection and analysis of data about the green turtle. ()
It's a Mexican non profit organization focusing on the environment and preservation effort of the sea turtle along the southern state of Baja California, Mexico. ()
Save A Turtle
Save-A-Turtle is a not for profit volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and  protection of Marine Sea Turtles in the waters of the Florida Keys. ()
TortoseAid's Burrow on the Net
TortoiseAid is dedicated to the protection and preservation of 
Tortoises, Turtles and Terrapins worldwide. ()
Turtle Homes
Turtle Homes organizes the rescue and adoption of chelonian species. ()
The site of the Kern County Turtle and Tortoise Club. ()
Slider Home
Here you will find essential information about the care of red-eared sliders. ()
On this list you will meet many helpful people, share experiences, learn new husbandry methods, solve medical problems... ()
The Ontario Turtle & Tortoise Society
A society for all who are interested in turtles and tortoises: it publishes a quarterly newsletter. ()
David T. Kirkpatrick
His articles are available for reading on this web site. ()
Jamina's Site
The "mythical" website of Jamina Oomen. ()
The Turtle Shell
Make sure you read up on turtles before you buy them. ()
The Turtle Pages
The purpose of  The Turtle Pages is to inform people about the diversity of turtle species, raise awareness about the plight of endangered turtles, and educate individuals on how to properly care for pet turtles. ()
Draybar's Turtle Page
This page will be dedicated to the turtles I have, the tanks (INTERESTING!) they live in and any future additions... ()
Turtle World
This site serves as a reference point for those interested in the care of Red Ear Sliders: a.k.a. The Dime Store Turtle. ()
The Skildpadder Information Page
The Skildpadder Information Page is your turtle & tortoise information website. ()
The Pet Turtle Website
Welcome to The Pet Turtle Website. This site was created for all you Turtle Owners out there looking for a wealth of information. ()
Pet Turtle
The only Indian site for pet turtles!
With habitat design, equipment, feeding, medical aid, behavior information, ... ()
The Tortoise Treasury
Its purpose is to inform people about tortoises, specifically the Testudo kleinmanni. ()
Janice's Pond
A turtle habitat and the turtles who live there. ()
Site dedicated to Pogo, a box turtle died 2 years ago. ()
Site dedicated to Beasley and the Red-Footed Tortoises (Geochelone carbonaria). ()
Russian Tortoise
Site dedicated to the Russian tortoise or Testudo horsfieldii. ()
Site dedicated to the Cuora genus (rich of photos). ()
Turtle Clipart & More
The best original and other TURTLE clipart on the web!!! ()
Gorda's Turtle Tank
Welcome to Gorda's Turtle Tank, your place for aquatic turtle information. ()
3 Reeves Turtles
This website is about stories and pictures of Reeve's Turtles and a Japanese Pond Turtle. ()

In French:
Les feuilles de soins
Information about general care, feeding, housing, etc of Red Eared Sliders, terrapene carolina and native turtles of Québec. ()
Great information about Red Eared Sliders breeding! ()
Tortue à oreilles rouges
Tortue à oreilles rouges (Radio Canada)
Some general information about Red-Eared Sliders. ()
The ends of CITS (Communauté d'Intérêts pour Tortues en Suisse), a swiss public association, are:
  • advice and information about detention, feeding, general care, breeding and hibernation of turtles;
  • knowledge and experience sharing. ()
A Cupulatta
The purpose of association A CUPULATTA (the tortoise in Corsica) is the study, safeguarding the breeding and the knowledge of the chelonians. ()
The aim of "Hibiscus Foundation for the Protection of Sea Turtles" in Tahiti, is to save French Polinesia's Sea Turtles, consisting of the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the fine shell or overlapped turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata). ()
Le Village des Tortues (SOPTOM)
Le Village des Tortues and Soptom's goal is to protect french native turtles.  They have a wonderul turtle park open to visitors. There, you can find different types of turtles as testudo hermanni, emys orbicularis, mauremys leprosa, testudo graeca, testudo marginata, testudo horsfieldii, testudo kleinmanni and geochelone sulcata. They have a catalogue on-line, but you can also order by mail a more complete catalogue which includes wonderful encyclopedias and books about turtles, most of them writen by the experts of SOPTOM.
Information about taxonomy, dimorphisme, habitat, nutrition, etc of various turtles. ()
Turtles from Nova Scotia (painted, box, etc..). Nice pictures and observation instructions from the Museum of Natural History of Nova Scotia, Canada. ()
Le Village des Tortues du Sénégal
Visit the Turtles' Village of Senegal ()
Les Tortues
This site is dedicated to all the turtle fans... ()
La Passion des Tortues
If you are a novice turtle owner, here you can find all basic information you need. ()
L'Univers des Tortues
The new site of L'Univers des Tortues. ()
Site for both breeders and amateurs: breeding, hibernation and feeding. ()
Official site of the Association pour l'élevage et la protection des Tortues en Rhône-Alpes. ()
The review on turtles biology, preservation and captive breeding.
Site dedicated to the Chelidae, South American freshwater turtles. ()
La Fédération Francophone pour l'Elevage et la Protection des Tortues groups thousands of turtle passionates from France and Swiss. ()

In Spanish:
El Web de las Tortugas
This is the first Spanish site about turtles. It contains description, origin and all the information needed for the proper care of every turtle species. ()
Dr. Pez (La Tortuga de Florida)
Red-Eared Slider caresheets. I don't agree at all with the diet they recommend.  Ignore their diet advise. ()
Zooloco (Menu del grupo Tortugas)
This link will take you directly to the turtles menu of the Zooloco site. Here, you can find mostly turtle pictures, but they are worth to see!  There are pictures of galapagos, land, aquatic and sea turtles. ()
Mi Tortuga
Chilean web pages about turtles: species, care and breeding. ()
Tortugamania: infos about terrapins and their habitat. ()
Tortuland: el mundo de las tortugas acuáticas. ()

In German:
The first German Turtle Portal. ()
The German Turtle-CAM
German site with info and web-cam. ()
German site dedicated to the Geochelone genus. ()
German site dedicated to turtles (rich of photos). ()

In Portuguese:
A tartaruga
A tartaruga verde das manchas vermelhas
Excellent information about origins, description, feeding, housing, transporting, hibernating, diseases and links for Red Eared Sliders.
Tartaruga d'Agua
Great guide on how to take care of Red Eared Sliders. This site also includes a Forum totally dedicated to red eared slider turtles! ()
For the past 20 years the founders of Projeto TAMAR worked to protect sea turtles and improve the livelihoods of local residents.
Today, the same fishermen who consumed sea turtles or their eggs in the past are now working with TAMAR to protect the turtles and ensure their survival. ()
The Non Governamental Organization PAT (Projeto Amiga Tartaruga) operates for conservation of sea turtles as well as management of coast and marine ecosystem along the 200 km of the Southern Bahia coast (Brazil). ()

Other links:
Schildkrötenfreunde Österreich
Austrian site full of information and pictures.
Web site about Red Eared Sliders in Dutch
A rich site about trachemys scripta troosti in Danish!
Turtle Love
It's a nice site in Norwegian language!
A Finnish site dedicated to Horsfield's turtles
Introduction into turtlelogy
Czech site about "turtlelogy"...
Czech site in honour of Tobiás, a Testudo graeca...
Mozuku Room
piano piano
Cassiopeia Complex
In Japan there are many sites dedicated to turtles: this is a selection (need Japanese writing support!)

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